NEW DELHI: AIIMS today launched ‘adopt a patient’ policy under which it seeks public donations for patients who are unable to continue their treatment or bear cost of buying equipment needed for rehabilitation at home.

“Under ‘adopt a patient’ policy, people can donate for patients who are waiting for surgery because they don’t have money to buy equipment required for rehabilitation at home,” said M C Mishra, AIIMS Director.

“The policy was launched with a focus on patients with brain and spinal chord injuries who are left with huge and enormous disability require rehabilitation care to be independent partially. Quadruple amputees, paraplegics and paralytics will benefit from the policy,” Mishra said.

About two lakh patients undergo treatment at AIIMS annually out of which 50 per cent are poor, Mishra said.

And then there are cases where a patient does not have money for implants or their families abandon them and they are unable to bear cost of continuing their treatment.

“For suppose there is a patient who needs to be on ventilator lifelong and occupies a bed. So another needy patient is devoid of treatment. So with the donation received for him, ventilator facility can be arranged by family at home,” Mishra added.

Mishra further said that AIIMS will soon upload details of such patients along with their requirement on its website so that people can donate accordingly.

Currently, these patients are given help from the relief funds of the President and the Prime Minister.

But according to doctors, these funds are not enough and on several occasions kins of patients have a hard time arranging finances for the treatment.