HT Brunch Cover Story 10 April 2011: Profile on Dr Deepak Agrawal

HT Brunch Cover Story 10 April 2011: Profile on Dr Deepak Agrawal

Dr Deepak Agrawal, 40
Associate professor, Neurosurgery, AIIMS

He’s the guy at the frontier, treating accident victims at the AIIMS Trauma Centre, best known for treating some of the bloodiest and most bizarre accident cases in the country.

“Most accident victims we get are people with severe head or spinal injuries that are often fatal. It does get you down, but nothing can beat the high of seeing a patient everyone including your colleagues had given up on, walk into your clinic for a follow-up. That’s when you know that miracles do happen,” says Dr Agrawal.

Agrawal did his MBBS at the University College of Medical Science in 1994 – where he met his onco-surgeon wife Swati – and his training in neurosurgery at AIIMS. “My professional high was being awarded the ‘Young Neurosurgeon of the Year’ Award by the American Congress of Neurosurgeons in 2008. The personal one was my daughter Ayushi, who is five,” he says.

His father Dr Ved Prakash was also a neurosurgeon at AIIMS, so Agrawal’s becoming a surgeon was almost pre-determined.

“I like to catch up on my emails before breakfast, so I begin work at 5.30 am. I leave home at 7.30, doing rounds of the ward for three hours, which is followed by surgeries that usually go on till 7. Then come the evening rounds, which finish at 9 pm. Add to this administrative work, teaching and writing and correcting research papers, and my day never seems to end,” says Agrawal.

But he loves to fiddle around with gizmos and gadgets. “I’m a bit of a geek which is why I’ve been asked to take charge of the computerisation at the Trauma Centre,” he says.

“Neurosurgery can be extremely stressful as you have to think on your feet and the minutest mistake can cause life-long disability or even death. I love to drive and take a weekend off with my family every month to drive off far, far away from the hospital,” he says.

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